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ISSN - 19904789, EISSN - 19904797, Journal of Applied and Industrial Mathematics, 2012, vol. 6, p. 145-149

Mathematical modeling of the first phase of morphogenesis of mechanoreceptors in D. melanogaster

Bukharina T. A., Golubyatnikov V. P., Golubyatnikov I. V., Furman D. P.

The mechanoreceptors (in particular, macrochaetes) of drosophila pass three stages in its development (morphogenesis) whose genetic support is described in terms of gene networks. The key object of the gene networks of macrochaete morphogenesis is the achaete-scute (AS-C) complex of genes. Each mechanoreceptor develops from one parent cell distinguished by high concentration of the AS-C protein. The activity of this complex, which ensures the protein concentration critical for initiating morphogenesis, is determined by the central regulatory contour which includes a system of interactions among certain objects of the networks (genes and their products). © 2012 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.