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ISSN - 04751450, Ontogenez, 2011, vol. 43, p. 54-59

[Model investigation of central regulatory contour of gene net of D. melanogaster macrochaete morphogenesis].

Bukharina T. A., Golubiatnikov V. P., Golubiatnikov I. V., Furman D. P.

Morphogenesis of drosophila macrochaete functioning as mechanoreceptors includes several steps, each of which has their own genetic support described in terms of gene nets. Mechanoreceptor develops from one parental cell (Parental Cell of Sensor Organ-PCSO), the determination of which has a critical role in macrochaete development. The highest content of AS-C proneural proteins with respect to surrounding cells that initiate a neural way of cellular development and by means of it mechanoreceptor morphogenesis is typical for PCSO. The key object of gene net providing PCSO determination consists of gene complex achaete-scute (AS-C). This complex activity is controlled by central regulatory contour (CRC). Besides AS-C, CRC includes the following genes: hairy, senseless (sens), charlatan (chn), scratch (scrt), daughterless (da), extramacrochaete (emc), and groucho (gro). The system of direct relation and feedback and induction and repression relations between CRC components are realized via the coding by these genes proteins. A mathematical model of CRC functioning as a regulator of proneural AS-C protein content in PCSO determining successful passing of the main phase of morphogenesis of D. melanogaster mechanoreceptor is discussed.