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ISSN - 10634258, EISSN - 15738205, Atomic Energy, 2012, vol. 112, p. 110-118

Electron-ion collider at the FAIR Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (ELISe project)

Koop I. A., Shatunov Yu M., Nedorezov V. G., Fomichev A. S., Chulkov L. V.

The ELISe project, which is an integral part of the development of FAIR - Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR, Darmstadt, Germany), is a project for developing the first accelerator in the world with colliding beams that uses the latest accelerator technology and experimental techniques. The ELISe experimental facility makes it possible to conduct a wide class of experiments using different nuclear reactions and thereby to study the diverse problems of nuclear physics and nuclear reactions. The experiments on electron scattering by nuclei far from the valley of stability will yield unique information on the distribution of charge in nuclei and the transitional density in nuclear excitations as well as single particle and cluster systems. © 2012 Springer Science+Business Media, Inc.