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ISSN - 00319007, EISSN - 10797114, Physical Review Letters, 2002, vol. 88, p. 031802/1-031802

Observation of B + → χ c0K +

Abe K., Abe K., Abe R., Adachi I., Ahn Byoung Sup, Aihara H., Akatsu M., Asano Y., Aso T., Aulchenko V., Aushev T., Bakich A. M., Banas E., Behari S., Behera P. K., Bondar A., Bozek A., Browder T. E., Casey B. C K, Chang P., Chao Y., Cheon B. G., Chistov R., Choi Y., Dong L. Y., Dragic J., Drutskoy A., Eidelman S., Enari Y., Fujii H., Fukunaga C., Fukushima M., Gabyshev N., Garmash A., Gordon A., Gotow K., Guo R., Haba J.

An overview is given on the first observation of the B +→Χ c0K +. The statistical significance of the signal is 6σ when the Χ c0→π +π - and Χ c0→K*Kπ modes are combined. The measured branching fraction is Β(Β→Χ c0K +) = (6.0 -1.8 +2.1 ± 1.1) × 10 -4 which is comparable to those for the B + → J/ψK + and B + → Χ c1K + decays. This provides evidence for a significant nonfactorizable contribution in B to charmonium decay processes.