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ISSN - 10637842, EISSN - 10906525, Technical Physics, 2012, vol. 57, p. 1225-1229

Quick ellipsometric technique for determining the thicknesses and optical constant profiles of Fe/SiO 2/Si(100) nanostructures during growth

Tarasov I. A., Kosyrev N. N., Varnakov S. N., Ovchinnikov S. G., Zharkov S. M., Shvets V. A., Bondarenko S. G., Tereshchenko O. E.

An algorithm is developed to perform rapid control of the thickness and optical constants of a film structure during growth. This algorithm is tested on Fe/SiO 2/Si(100) structures grown in an Angara molecular-beam epitaxy setup. The film thicknesses determined during their growth are compared with X-ray spectral fluorescence analysis and transmission electron microscopy data. © 2012 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.