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ISSN - 00218979, EISSN - 10897550, Journal of Applied Physics, 2012, vol. 112, p. -

Inertness and degradation of (0001) surface of Bi2Se3 topological insulator

Golyashov V. A., Kokh K. A., Makarenko S. V., Romanyuk K. N., Prosvirin I. P., Kalinkin A. V., Tereshchenko O. E., Kozhukhov A. S., Sheglov D. V., Eremeev S. V., Borisova S. D., Chulkov E. V.

Inertness of the cleaved (0001) surface of the Bi2 Se 3 single crystal, grown by modified Bridgman method, to oxidation has been demonstrated by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, and by ab initio DFT calculations. No intrinsic bismuth and selenium oxides are formed on the low-defect, atomically flat Bi2 Se 3 (0001) (1 × 1) surface after a long-time air exposure. The inertness of Bi2 Se3 (0001) to O2 and NO 2, as well as bismuth-oxygen bonding formation under molecular adsorption in the Se vacancy was supported by DFT calculations. © 2012 American Institute of Physics.