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The project of T-CHARM factory with crab waist in novosibirsk

Blinov A., Bogomyagkov A., Bondar A., Kiselev V., Koop I., Kurkin G., Levichev E., Logachev P., Nikitin S., Okunev I., M.Petrov V., Piminov P., Pupkov Yu, Shatilov D., Sinyatkin S., Smaluk V., Skrinsky A., Vobly P.

The project of a new-generation t-charm factory is now under consideration in Novosibirsk. A novel approach of the Crab Waist collision scheme allows reaching the luminosity of 1'2×1035 cm-2s-1. The other features of the facility are: variable energy from 2 GeV to 4.5 GeV (c.m.), longitudinal polarization of electrons at IP, usage of damping wigglers to keep high luminosity for all energy levels, etc. We discuss some of the challenges and opportunities available with the development of the project.