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Polarization in SuperB

Wienands U., Nosochkov Yu, Sullivan M. K., Wittmer W., Barber D. P., Biagini M. E., Raimondi P., Koop I., Nikitin S., Sinyatkin S.

SuperB, the 2nd-generation B-Factory with a luminosity of 10 36/cm2/s proposed for LNF, is being designed from the start to be capable of providing a spin-polarized electron beam in the low-energy ring (LER) with longitudinal polarization at the interaction point.[1] Due to the high luminosity at moderate beam current the beam lifetime is short (a few minutes), and a polarized injector will be used. Spin rotators have been designed and the equilibrium polarization evaluated. It will be shown that an average polarization of about 70% can be expected.