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Correcting the round beam lattice of VEPP-2000 collider using orbit Response technique

Romanov A. L., Berkaev D. E., Kirpotin A. N., Koop I. A., Perevedentsev E. A., Rogovsky Yu A., Shatunov P. Yu, Shwartz D. B.

Round colliding beams option in VEPP-2000 [1] puts a number of strict requirements on the collider lattice. The orbit Response Matrix (ORM) technique is a versatile tool for lattice analysis and correction. For linear optical function study and correction, the orbit response to the dipole correctors is collected and processed, while for the orbit correction the quadrupole trimming is used. Theoretical and experimental responses of closed orbit to the same perturbations are compared to determine the most probable deviations of chosen parameters from its design values.