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Present status of VEPP-2000

Shwartz Dmitry, Berkaev Dmitry, Kirpotin Alexander, Koop Ivan, Lysenko Alexander, Nesterenko Igor, Perevedentsev Evgeny, Rogovsky Yury, Romanov Alexander, Shatunov Petr, Shatunov Yuri, Skrinsky Alexander, Zemlyansky Ilya

VEPP-2000 electron-positron collider has been completed in the Budker INP in 2007. First beam was captured in a special lattice with switched off final focus solenoids. This regime is used for all machine subsystems test and calibration as well as vacuum chamber treatment by synchrotron radiation with electron beam current up to 150 mA. Another special low-beta lattice with solenoids switched on partially was used for the first test of the round beam option at the energy of 508 MeV. Studies of the beam-beam interaction were done in "weak-strong" and "strong-strong" regimes. Measurements of the beam sizes in both cases have indicated beam behaviour similar to expectations for the round colliding beams. Also the first collider energy calibration at the phi-meson resonance was performed with SND detector. Since the end of 2009 VEPP-2000 started first experimental work with both particle detectors SND and CMD-3 at the energies of 500-950 MeV range with the lattice mode close to project. The precise energy calibration via resonant depolarization method is in progress.