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Asymmetric energy colliding ion beams in the EDM storage ring

Koop I. A.

In this paper we discuss a possibility to collide co- or counter rotating ion beams, which are circulating in the storage ring with crossed electric and magnetic bending fields. One beam is polarized and its electric dipole moment (EDM) is aimed to be measured by the frozen spin method. The second beam, which has different from the first one the Lorentz factor β and charge to mass ratio Z/A will be used as comagnetometer sensitive to the radial component βx of the magnetic field. Measuring by pickups the relative vertical orbit shift of two beams, caused by the presence of βx field, one could cancel the unwanted MDM spin precession, which mimics the EDM signal. By proper choice of the bending electric and magnetic field values one could make rational the ratio of the revolution frequencies of two beams. Examples of parameters for proton-, deuteron-, hellion- And some other ion species EDM storage rings are presented. Finally, a new method of increasing of the spin coherence time (SCT), so called "Spin Wheel", is proposed and its applicability to the EDM search is discussed. Copyright © 2013 by JACoW.