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ISSN - 00213640, EISSN - 10906487, JETP Letters, 2013, vol. 98, p. 557-561

Dynamics of the BiTeI lattice at high pressures

Ponosov Yu S., Kuznetsova T. V., Tereshchenko O. E., Kokh K. A., Chulkov E. V.

Raman measurements of the phonon spectrum of BiTeI at pressures of up to 20 GPa have been performed. A decrease in the linewidth of E2 vibration by almost a factor of 2 with an increase in the pressure to 3 GPa has been detected. The frequencies of all four Raman active modes increase monotonically with the pressure. These lines are observed in spectra up to ∼8 GPa. Sharp change in the spectrum occurs at pressures of 8-9 GPa, indicating a transition to the high-pressure phase, which holds up to 20 GPa. This transition is reversible and hardly has any hysteresis. A sample in the high-pressure phase is single crystal. © 2013 Pleiades Publishing, Inc.