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ISSN - 10637796, Physics of Particles and Nuclei, 2013, vol. 45, p. 279-282

Two examples of in-flight spin flippers

Koop I. A., Otboyev A. V., Shatunov P. Yu, Shatunov Yu M.

In precise experiments with polarized beam it's very often appear a necessity to change beam polarization on opposite. If such operation does not change other beam parameters, it helps to avoid or minimize some systematic errors. It is especially important in experiments, where spin dependent effect is small enough. This paper describes two set of equipments, that make spin flip for extracted beams. In both cases, these devices are absolutely distinct, because they are appropriate for different particles and at different energy range. The first of them is intended for future muon (g-2) experiment, which is under preparation now at JPARC. Here, the muon spin flip will be done by chain of electrostatic and magnetic bends at the kinetic energy 340 keV. A beam matching is provided by a number of short solenoids. The other flipper (or Siberian snake) will rotate spin of protons or antiprotons, which come from Λ-meson decay with the energy up to 40 GeV. This experiment (no. 24) is planed at IHEP, Protvino. In this case, two superconducting helical magnets with opposite helicities and magnetic field 4.5 T will be used. To correct beam trajectory, additional dipole correctors are required. © 2014 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.