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Beams injection system for e+e- collider VEPP-2000

Berkaev D. E., Druzhinin V. V., Koop I. A., Lysenko A. P., Podgorny F. V., Prosvetov V. P., Shatunov P. Yu, Shatunov Yu M., Shwartz D. B.

Electron-positron collider VEPP-2000 is under commissioning at the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics. The paper presents the injection system of the collider delivering the beam from the booster storage ring BEP with maximum energy 900 MeV. A matching of the beam injection with the storage ring optics is done with a respect to nonlinear kicker field. Features of beam diagnostic and transfer line magnets including pulse septums (100 mksec; 30 kGs) and fast kickers (20 nsec; 70 kV) are described. Results of magnetic measurements and their comparison to calculated data are given.