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DAφNE setup and operation with the Crab-Waist collision scheme

Milardi C., Alesini D., Biagini M. E., Biscari C., Boni R., Boscolo M., Bossi F., Buonomo B., Clozza A., Delle Monache G., Demma T., Di Pasquale E., Di Pirro G., Drago A., Gallo A., Ghigo A., Guiducci S., Ligi C., Marcellini F., Mazzitelli G., Milardi C., Murtas F., Pellegrino L., Preger M., Quintieri L., Raimondi P., Ricci R., Rotundo U., Sanelli C., Serio M., Sgamma F., Spataro B., Stecchi A., Stella A., Tomassini S., Vaccarezza C., Zobov M., Koop I., Levichev E., Piminov P., Shatilov D., Smaluk V., Bettoni S., Schioppa M., Valente P., Ohmi K., Arnaud N., Breton D., Roudeau P., Stocchi A., Variola A., Viaud B. F., Esposito M., Paoloni E., Branchini P., Teytelman D.

In the second half of 2007 a major upgrade has been implemented on the Frascati DAΦNE collider in order to test the novel idea of Crab-Waist collisions. New vacuum chambers and permanent quadrupole magnets have been designed, built and installed to realize the new configuration. At the same time the performances of relevant hardware components, such as fast injection kickers and shielded bellows have been improved relying on new design concepts. The collider has been successfully commissioned in this new configuration. The paper describes several experimental results about linear and non-linear optics setup and optimization, damping of beam-beam instabilities and discusses the obtained luminosity performances.