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New low emittance lattice for the Super-B accelerator

Biagini M. E., Boscolo M., Raimondi P., Tomassini S., Zobov M., Seeman J., Sullivan M., Wienands U., Wittmer W., Bettoni S., Paoloni E., Bogomyagkov A., Koop I., Levichev E., Nikitin S., Piminov P., Shatilov D.

New low emittance lattices have been designed for the asymmetric SuperB accelerator, aiming at a luminosity of 1036 cm-2 s -1. Main optics features are two alternating arc cells with different horizontal phase advance, decreasing beam emittance and allowing at the same time for easy chromaticity correction in the arcs. Emittance can be further reduced by a factor of two for luminosity upgrade. Spin rotation schemes for the e" beam have been studied to provide longitudinal polarization at the IP, and implementation into the lattice is in progress.