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ISSN - 15507998, Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology, 2014, vol. 89, p. -

Observation of electromagnetic Dalitz decays J /ψ →pe+e-

Ablikim M., Achasov M. N., Ai X. C., Albayrak O., Albrecht M., Ambrose D. J., An F. F., An Q., Bai J. Z., Ferroli R. Baldini, Ban Y., Bennett J. V., Bertani M., Bian J. M., Boger E., Bondarenko O., Boyko I., Braun S., Briere R. A., Cai H., Cai X., Cakir O., Calcaterra A., Cao G. F., Cetin S. A., Chang J. F., Chelkov G., Chen G., Chen H. S., Chen J. C., Chen M. L., Chen S. J., Chen X., Chen X. R., Chen Y. B., Cheng H. P., Chu X. K., Chu Y. P., Cronin-Hennessy D., Dai H. L., Dai J. P., Dedovich D., Deng Z. Y., Denig A., Denysenko I., Destefanis M., Ding W. M., Ding Y., Dong C., Dong J., Dong L. Y., Dong M. Y., Du S. X., Fan J. Z., Fang J., Fang S. S., Fang Y., Fava L., Feng C. Q., Fu C. D., Fu J. L., Fuks O., Gao Q., Gao Y., Geng C., Goetzen K., Gong W. X., Gradl W., Greco M., Gu M. H., Gu Y. T., Guan Y. H., Guo A. Q., Guo L. B., Guo T., Guo Y. P., Han Y. L., Harris F. A., He K. L., He M., He Z. Y., Held T., Heng Y. K., Hou Z. L., Hu C., Hu H. M., Hu J. F., Hu T., Huang G. M., Huang G. S., Huang H. P., Huang J. S., Huang L., Huang X. T., Huang Y., Hussain T., Ji C. S.

Based on a sample of (225.3±2.8)×106 J/ψ events collected with the BESIII detector, the electromagnetic Dalitz decays of J/ψ→Pe+e-(P=η′/η/π0) are studied. By reconstructing the pseudoscalar mesons in various decay modes, the decays J/ ψ→η′e+e-, J/ψ→ηe+e-, and J/ψ→π0e+e- are observed for the first time. The branching fractions are determined to be B(J/ψ→η′e+e-)=(5.81±0.16±0.31)×10-5, B(J/ψ→ηe+e-)=(1.16±0.07±0.06)×10-5, and B(J/ψ→π0e+e-)=(7.56±1.32±0.50)×10-7, where the first errors are statistical and the second ones systematic. © 2014 American Physical Society.