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ISSN - 03702693, Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics, 2014, vol. 734, p. 227-233

Measurement of the D→K -π + strong phase difference in ψ(3770)→D0D-0

Ablikim M., Achasov M. N., Ai X. C., Albayrak O., Albrecht M., Ambrose D. J., An F. F., An Q., Bai J. Z., Baldini Ferroli R., Ban Y., Bennett D. W., Bennett J. V., Bertani M., Bian J. M., Boger E., Bondarenko O., Boyko I., Braun S., Briere R. A., Cai H., Cai X., Cakir O., Calcaterra A., Cao G. F., Cetin S. A., Chang J. F., Chelkov G., Chen G., Chen H. S., Chen J. C., Chen M. L., Chen S. J., Chen X., Chen X. R., Chen Y. B., Cheng H. P., Chu X. K., Chu Y. P., Cronin-Hennessy D., Dai H. L., Dai J. P., Dedovich D., Deng Z. Y., Denig A., Denysenko I., Destefanis M., Ding W. M., Ding Y., Dong C., Dong J., Dong L. Y., Dong M. Y., Du S. X., Fan J. Z., Fang J., Fang S. S., Fang Y., Fava L., Feng C. Q., Fu C. D., Fuks O., Gao Q., Gao Y., Geng C., Goetzen K., Gong W. X., Gradl W., Greco M., Gu M. H., Gu Y. T., Guan Y. H., Guo L. B., Guo T., Guo Y. P., Haddadi Z., Han Y. L., Harris F. A., He K. L., He M., He Z. Y., Held T., Heng Y. K., Hou Z. L., Hu C., Hu H. M., Hu J. F., Hu T., Huang G. M., Huang G. S., Huang H. P., Huang J. S., Huang L., Huang X. T., Huang Y., Hussain T., Ji C. S.

We study D0D-0 pairs produced in e +e - collisions at s=3.773GeV using a data sample of 2.92 fb-1 collected with the BESIII detector. We measured the asymmetry AKπCP of the branching fractions of D→K -π + in CP-odd and CP-even eigenstates to be (12.7 ± 1.3 ± 0.7) × 10 -2. AKπCP can be used to extract the strong phase difference δKπ between the doubly Cabibbo-suppressed process D-0→K-π+ and the Cabibbo-favored process D0→K -π +. Using world-average values of external parameters, we obtain cosδKπ = 1.02 ± 0.11 ± 0.06 ± 0.01. Here, the first and second uncertainties are statistical and systematic, respectively, while the third uncertainty arises from the external parameters. This is the most precise measurement of δKπ to date. © 2014 The Authors.