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ISSN - 17480221, Journal of Instrumentation, 2014, vol. 9, p. -

Photon collider Higgs factories

Telnov V. I.

© 2014 IOP Publishing Ltd and Sissa Medialab srl. The discovery of the Higgs boson (and still nothing else) have triggered appearance of many proposals of Higgs factories for precision measurement of the Higgs properties. Among them there are several projects of photon colliders (PC) without e+e- in addition to PLC based on e+e- linear colliders ILC and CLIC. In this paper, following a brief discussion of Higgs factories physics program I give an overview of photon colliders based on linear colliders ILC and CLIC, and of the recently proposed photon-collider Higgs factories with no e+e- collision option based on recirculation linacs in ring tunnels.