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ISSN - 15306984, EISSN - 15306992, Nano Letters, 2014, vol. 14, p. 5092-5096

Probing the electronic properties of individual mnpc molecules coupled to topological states

Sessi P., Bathon T., Kokh K. A., Tereshchenko O. E., Bode M.

© 2014 American Chemical Society. Hybrid organic/inorganic interfaces have been widely reported to host emergent properties that go beyond those of their single constituents. Coupling molecules to the recently discovered topological insulators, which possess linearly dispersing and spin-momentum-locked Dirac fermions, may offer a promising platform toward new functionalities. Here, we report a scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy study of the prototypical interface between MnPc molecules and a Bi2Te3 surface. MnPc is found to bind stably to the substrate through its central Mn atom. The adsorption process is only accompanied by a minor charge transfer across the interface, resulting in a moderately n-doped Bi2Te3 surface. More remarkably, topological states remain completely unaffected by the presence of the molecules, as evidenced by the absence of scattering patterns around adsorption sites. Interestingly, we show that, while the HOMO and LUMO orbitals closely resemble those of MnPc in the gas phase, a new hybrid state emerges through interaction with the substrate. Our results pave the way toward hybrid organic-topological insulator heterostructures, which may unveil a broad range of exciting and unknown phenomena.