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Status of the superB project

Boscolo M., Biagini M. E., Boni R., Boscolo M., Demma T., Drago A., Guiducci S., Raimondi P., Tomassini S., Zobov M., Bertsche K., Novokhatski A., Seeman J., Sullivan M., Wiens U., Wittmer W., Bettoni S., Paoloni E., Marchiori G., Bogomyagko V., Koop I., Levichev E., Nikitin S., Piminov P., Shatilov D.

An international collaboration has been settled to study a highluminosity e+e-collider operating at the υ(4S ) that would deliver a luminosity of the order of 1036cm-2s-1. This collider,2called SuperB Factory, would use a combination of linear and storage ring tecniques. Such a collider would produce an integrated luminosity of about 10 ab-1 in a running year at the υ(4S ) resonance. Further possibilities include having longitudinally polarized electrons at the interaction point and operating at the J/Ψ beam energy.