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ISSN - 14346044, EISSN - 14346052, European Physical Journal C, 2010, vol. 71, p. -

Monte-carlo generator photon jets for the process e+e-→ γγ

Eidelman S. I., Fedotovich G. V., Kuraev E. A., Sibidanov A. L.

© The Author(s) 2011. Monte-Carlo generator with photon jets radiation in collinear regions for the process e+e->γγ is described in detail. Radiative corrections in the first order of a are treated exactly. Large leading logarithmic corrections coming from collinear regions are taken into account in all orders of a by applying the Structure Function approach. Theoretical precision of the cross section with radiative corrections is estimated to be 0.2%. This process is considered as an additional tool to measure luminosity in forthcoming experiments with the CMD-3 detector at the e+e- collider VEPP-2000.