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Status of ion-optical design of the collector ring

Gorda O., Dolinskii A., Litvinov S., Berkaev D., Koop I., Shatunov P., Shwartz D.

Copyright © 2014 CC-BY-3.0 and by the respective authors. In this paper the recent updates concerning the ion-optical properties of the large acceptance Collector Ring (CR) are presented. The layout of the straight sections has been modified to have more installation space for the CR components. It has been demonstrated that the ring acceptance can be optimized by the small modification of the quadrupole arrangement in the arcs. We have revised the injection and extraction optics taking into account the modified layout of the ring. Particle tracking calculations have been performed to calculate the CR dynamic aperture for the present lattice. For mass measurements in the isochronous mode, the possible correction scheme has been proposed to improve the mass resolving power. The latest results are described in this work.