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ISSN - 15507998, Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology, 2012, vol. 85, p. -

First measurement of φ<inf>3</inf> with a model-independent Dalitz plot analysis of B±→DK±, D→KS0π+π- decay

Aihara H., Arinstein K., Asner D. M., Aulchenko V., Aushev T., Bakich A. M., Belous K., Bhuyan B., Bischofberger M., Bondar A., Bonvicini G., Bozek A., Bračko M., Browder T. E., Chang M. C., Chang P., Cheon B. G., Chilikin K., Chistov R., Cho K., Choi Y., Dalseno J., Doležal Z., Drutskoy A., Eidelman S., Epifanov D., Fast J. E., Feindt M., Gaur V., Gabyshev N., Garmash A., Goh Y. M., Golob B., Haba J., Hayashii H., Horii Y., Hoshi Y., Hou W. S., Hsiung Y. B., Hyun H. J., Iijima T., Ishikawa A., Itoh R., Iwabuchi M., Julius T., Kang J. H., Kawasaki T., Kiesling C., Kim H. J., Kim H. O., Kim J. B., Kim J. H., Kim K. T., Kim M. J., Kim Y. J., Kinoshita K., Ko B. R., Koblitz S., Kodyš P., Korpar S., Križan P., Krokovny P., Kronenbitter B., Kuhr T., Kumita T., Kuzmin A., Kwon Y. J., Lee S. H., Li J., Li Y., Libby J., Liu C., Liu Y., Liu Z. Q., Liventsev D., Louvot R., Matvienko D., Miyabayashi K., Miyata H., Mizuk R., Mohanty G. B., Moll A., Mori T.

We present the first measurement of the angle φ<inf>3</inf> of the unitarity triangle using a model-independent Dalitz plot analysis of B <sup>±</sup>→DK<sup>±</sup>, D→KS0π<sup>+</sup>π <sup>-</sup> decays. The method uses, as input, measurements of the strong phase of the D→KS0π<sup>+</sup>π<sup>-</sup> amplitude from the CLEO Collaboration. The result is based on the full data set of 772×106 BB̄ pairs collected by the Belle experiment at the Υ(4S) resonance. We obtain φ<inf>3</inf>=(77.3-14.9+15.1±4.1±4.3)° and the suppressed amplitude ratio r<inf>B</inf>=0.145±0.030±0. 010±0.011. Here the first error is statistical, the second is the experimental systematic uncertainty, and the third is the error due to the precision of the strong-phase parameters obtained by CLEO. © 2012 American Physical Society.