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ISSN - 00036951, EISSN - 10773118, Applied Physics Letters, 2015, vol. 107, 12, p. -

Ferromagnetic HfO<inf>2</inf>/Si/GaAs interface for spin-polarimetry applications

Tereshchenko O. E., Golyashov V. A., Eremeev S. V., Maurin I., Bakulin A. V., Kulkova S. E., Aksenov M. S., Preobrazhenskii V. V., Putyato M. A., Semyagin B. R., Dmitriev D. V., Toropov A. I., Gutakovskii A. K., Khandarkhaeva S. E., Prosvirin I. P., Kalinkin A. V., Bukhtiyarov V. I., Latyshev A. V.

© 2015 AIP Publishing LLC. In this letter, we present electrical and magnetic characteristics of HfO<inf>2</inf>-based metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors (MOSCAPs), along with the effect of pseudomorphic Si as a passivating interlayer on GaAs(001) grown by molecular beam epitaxy. Ultrathin HfO<inf>2</inf> high-k gate dielectric films (3-15 nm) have been grown on Si/GaAs(001) structures through evaporation of a Hf/HfO<inf>2</inf> target in NO<inf>2</inf> gas. The lowest interface states density Dit at Au/HfO<inf>2</inf>/Si/GaAs(001) MOS-structures were obtained in the range of (6-13)×1011 eV<sup>-1</sup> cm<sup>-2</sup> after annealing in the 400-500 °C temperature range as a result of HfO<inf>2</inf> crystallization and the Si layer preservation in non-oxidized state on GaAs. HfO<inf>2</inf>-based MOSCAPs demonstrated the ferromagnetic properties which were attributed to the presence of both cation and anion vacancies according to the first-principle calculations. Room-temperature ferromagnetism in HfO<inf>2</inf> films allowed us to propose a structure for the ferromagnetic MOS spin-detector.