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ISSN - 00036951, EISSN - 10773118, Applied Physics Letters, 2015, vol. 107, 17, p. -

InAs-based metal-oxide-semiconductor structure formation in low-energy Townsend discharge

Aksenov M. S., Kokhanovskii A. Yu, Polovodov P. A., Devyatova S. F., Golyashov V. A., Kozhukhov A. S., Prosvirin I. P., Khandarkhaeva S. E., Gutakovskii A. K., Valisheva N. A., Tereshchenko O. E.

© 2015 AIP Publishing LLC. We developed and applied a method of InAs passivation in the low-energy plasma of Townsend discharge. The controlled interface oxidation in the Ar:O2:CF4 gas mixture under visualization of gas discharge plasma allowed growing thin homogeneous films in the range of 5-15 nm thickness. Oxidation with the addition of CF4 in gas-discharge plasma led to the formation of In and As oxyfluorides with a wide insulating gap and isostructural interface with unpinned Fermi level behavior. The metal-oxide-semiconductor structure showed excellent capacitance-voltage characteristics: small frequency dispersion (<15 mV), density of interface states (Dit) in the gap below 5 × 1010eV-1cm-2, and fixed charge (Qfix) below 5 × 1011cm-2.