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ISSN - 00319007, EISSN - 10797114, Physical Review Letters, 2015, vol. 115, 18, p. -

Observation of a Neutral Charmoniumlike State Zc (4025)0 in e+e- → (D∗ D ¯ ∗)0π0

Ablikim M., Achasov M. N., Ai X. C., Albayrak O., Albrecht M., Ambrose D. J., Amoroso A., An F. F., An Q., Bai J. Z., Ferroli R. Baldini, Ban Y., Bennett D. W., Bennett J. V., Bertani M., Bettoni D., Bian J. M., Bianchi F., Boger E., Boyko I., Briere R. A., Cai H., Cai X., Cakir O., Calcaterra A., Cao G. F., Cetin S. A., Chang J. F., Chelkov G., Chen G., Chen H. S., Chen H. Y., Chen J. C., Chen M. L., Chen S. J., Chen X., Chen X. R., Chen Y. B., Cheng H. P., Chu X. K., Cibinetto G., Dai H. L., Dai J. P., Dbeyssi A., Dedovich D., Deng Z. Y., Denig A., Denysenko I., Destefanis M., De Mori F., Ding Y., Dong C., Dong J., Dong L. Y., Dong M. Y., Du S. X., Duan P. F., Eren E. E., Fan J. Z., Fang J., Fang S. S., Fang X., Fang Y., Fava L., Feldbauer F., Felici G., Feng C. Q., Fioravanti E., Fritsch M., Fu C. D., Gao Q., Gao X. Y., Gao Y., Gao Z., Garzia I., Geng C.

© 2015 us. © 2015 American Physical Society. American Physical Society. We report a study of the process e+e-→(D∗D¯∗)0π0 using e+e- collision data samples with integrated luminosities of 1092 pb-1 at s=4.23 GeV and 826 pb-1 at s=4.26 GeV collected with the BESIII detector at the BEPCII storage ring. We observe a new neutral structure near the (D∗D¯∗)0 mass threshold in the π0 recoil mass spectrum, which we denote as Zc(4025)0. Assuming a Breit-Wigner line shape, its pole mass and pole width are determined to be (4025.5-4.7+2.0±3.1) MeV/c2 and (23.0±6.0±1.0) MeV, respectively. The Born cross sections of e+e-→Zc(4025)0π0→(D∗D¯∗)0π0 are measured to be (61.6±8.2±9.0) pb at s=4.23 GeV and (43.4±8.0±5.4) pb at s=4.26 GeV. The first uncertainties are statistical and the second are systematic.