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Electron and positron beams transportation channels to binp colliders

Zemlyansky I. M., Berkaev D. E., Kiselev V. A., Koop I. A., Otboev A. V., Semenov A. M., Starostenko A. A.

© 2014 CC-BY-3.0 and by the respective authors. There are two accelerator complexes VEPP-2000 and VEPP-4M in BINP. There is preparatory work for building of new accelerator - Super Charm-Tau Factory. As an injector of positrons for Super c-t Factory the existing injection complex VEPP-5 will be used. Existence of the powerful injection complex provokes the desire to use it for needs of the working accelerator complexes VEPP-2000 and VEPP-4M. Replacement of the existing injection subsystems with the injection complex VEPP-5 will allow us to increase the speed of accumulation of positrons at the accelerator complexes VEPP-2000 and VEPP-4M in 1000 and 100 times respectively. For VEPP-2000 this improvement has a great significance as the existing conversion system doesn't provide the demanded quantity of positrons for designed luminosity of a collider 1x1032 cm-2s-1. In the article the short review of transportation channels from the injection complex VEPP-5 to the accelerator complexes VEPP-2000 and VEPP-4M, time sequence of an injector's work for both complexes are given. The transportation channel from the injection complex VEPP- 5 to the booster ring BEP of the accelerator complex VEPP-2000 is described in details.