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Cooling storage ring cr of the fair facility - Status and perspectives

Rogovsky Yu, Berkaev D., Kasaev A., Kazantseva E., Koop I., Krasnov A., Semenov A., Shatunov P., Shwartz D., Starostenko A., Blell U., Dimopoulou C., Dolinskii A., Gorda O., Laier U., Leibrock H., Litvinov S., Schurig I., Weinrich U.

© 2014 CC-BY-3.0 and by the respective authors. In 2014 BINP takes full responsibility on the design and construction of the Collector Ring of the FAIR facility. Still few work-packages remain be on the supervision of GSI' team. In this paper the current status of the CR project is presented and future plans are discussed.