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Prospects of high energy photon colliders

Telnov V. I.

© 2016.Photon colliders (γγ, γe) have been considered a natural addition to e+e- linear-collider projects for more than 30 years [1, 2]. It was a common opinion that such linear collider with four types of colliding beams (plus e-e-) would be the best instrument for the study of particles physics at energies from 100 GeV to several TeV where a lot of new physics was expected, including the dark matter. Following the discovery of the Higgs boson at LHC (and nothing else), the physics community has been actively considering various approaches to building a Higgs factories for precision measurement of the Higgs properties, among them there are several proposals of photon colliders (PC). In this paper, following a brief discussion of general situation in particles physics and the place of the photon collider among candidates for future colliders, I give an overview of photon colliders based on linear colliders ILC and CLIC and of more recently proposed photon-collider Higgs factories (with no e+e- collision option) based on recirculation linacs in ring tunnels.