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ISSN - 00318949, Physica Scripta, 2015, vol. 2015, T166, p. -

Collector ring project at FAIR

Dolinskii A., Berkaev D., Blell U., Dimopoulou C., Gorda O., Leibrock H., Litvinov S., Laier U., Koop I., Schurig I., Starostenko A., Shatunov P., Weinrich U.

© 2015 The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.The collector ring is a dedicated ring for fast cooling of ions coming from separators at the FAIR project. To accommodate optimal technical solutions, a structure of a magnet lattice was recently reviewed and modified. Consequently, more appropriate technical solutions for the main magnets could be adopted. A general layout and design of the present machine is shown. The demanding extraction schemes have been detailed and open design issues were completed.