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ISSN - 03702693, Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics, 2015, vol. 761, p. 98-103

Measurement of the leptonic decay width of J/ψ using initial state radiation

Ablikim M., Achasov M. N., Ai X. C., Albayrak O., Albrecht M., Ambrose D. J., Amoroso A., An F. F., An Q., Bai J. Z., Baldini Ferroli R., Ban Y., W. Bennett D., Bennett J. V., Bertani M., Bettoni D., Bian J. M., Bianchi F., Boger E., Boyko I., A. Briere R., Cai H., Cai X., Cakir O., Calcaterra A., F. Cao G., Cetin S. A., Chang J. F., Chelkov G., Chen G., Chen H. S., Chen H. Y., Chen J. C., Chen M. L., Chen S. J., Chen X., Chen X. R., Chen Y. B., Cheng H. P., Chu X. K., Cibinetto G., Dai H. L., Dai J. P., Dbeyssi A., Dedovich D., Deng Z. Y., Denig A., Denysenko I., Destefanis M., Demori F., Ding Y., Dong C., Dong J., Dong L. Y., Dong M. Y., Du S. X., Duan P. F., Eren E. E., Fan J. Z., Fang J., Fang S. S., Fang X., Fang Y., Fava L.

© 2016 The Author(s).Using a data set of 2.93 fb−1 taken at a center-of-mass energy of √s = 3.773 GeVwith the BESIII detector at the BEPCII collider, we measure the process e+e− → J/ψγ →μ+μ−γ and determine the product of the branching fraction and the electronic width Bμμ · Γee = (333.4 ± 2.5stat ± 4.4sys) eV. Using the earlier-published BESIII result for Bμμ = (5.973 ± 0.007stat ± 0.037sys)%, we derive the J/ψ electronic width Γee = (5.58 ±0.05stat ±0.08sys) keV.