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ISSN - 15474771, EISSN - 15318567, Physics of Particles and Nuclei Letters, 2016, vol. 13, 7, p. 957-961

Status and prospects of the injection complex of the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics

Starostenko A. A., Logatchev P. V., Meshkov O. I., Nikiforov D. A., Andrianov A. V., Levichev A. E., Emanov F. A., Astrelina K. V., Blinov M. F., Tsyganov A. S., Berkaev D. E., Koop I. A., Bolkhovityanov D. Yu, Dorokhov V. L.

© 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. This article presents the basic systems of the VEPP-5 injection complex of Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences. The system of injection–extraction of electron and positron beams is described. The results of measurements of the bunch length made in the electron linear accelerator and the storage–cooler ring by a streak camera are provided. The development of assemblies of a prospective positron conversion system based on a liquid-lead target is also described.