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agent-based model, input-output table, interregional links, transportation costs (1)
BVAR, байесовская векторная авторегрессия, внешнеэкономические шоки, макроэкономика, распределение Миннесоты BVAR, Bayesian methods, external shocks, macroeconomics, Minnesota prior. (1)
cluster, cluster project, competition, cooperation, typology of cluster projects, multiagent systems, agent-based model (1)
constant gain adaptive learning, escape dynamics, recursive least squares, large deviations theory (1)
coordination of strategic, tactical, operational management, risk and uncertainty conditions, optimization (1)
debit card, plastic card, card payment system, the payment card market, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover Card, Central Bank, credit organizations, settlement centers, clearing centers, Issuer, acquirer, (1)
DSGE models, endogenous pollution, endogenous health, environmental policy, health care policy (1)
DSGE модели, эндогенное загрязнение, эндогенное здоровье, политика по улучшению качества окружающей среды, политика по улучшению уровня здоровья (1)
ecological safety, environmental policy, environmental legislation, environmental charges and taxes, environmental strategy (1)
economic growth, foreign direct investment, special purpose entities, comparative price level, tradable goods (1)

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