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The NSU proposes research internships to be done in its own laboratories or in one of the 38 institutes of the Novosibirsk Research Center (Akademgorodok).

General conditions.

Duration Time of the year Language
3-6 months (or more if necessary) to be discussed English

Financial conditions.
The interships are free of charges
According to the russian law, the trainee cannot be paid.
The cost of life in Russia is not very expensive, for instance the dormitory in NSU costs 20 $ per month.

To apply, please send a CV and a motivation letter to Michele Debrenne coor-france@nsu.ru (in English) 3 months before the beginnig of the internships.

We regret to announce that the call for 2017 summer research internships is now closed. We seek to see you next year!

Nevertheless, if you are still interested in coming this summer in Siberia,
you can apply for our summer school here https://education.nsu.ru/summerschools/




Konstantinova Cayley graph theory CALL CLOSED
Erzin Wireless Sensor Networks OptimizationCALL CLOSED
Berikov analysis of hyperspectral images CALL CLOSED
Esipov Investigation of fluid flows CALL CLOSED
Bevern Fixed-parameter algorithm engineering for scheduling problems CALL CLOSED
Kononov Speed scaling scheduling CALL CLOSED
Kononov Max k-Colored Clustering CALL CLOSED
Davydov Operation research. CALL CLOSED
Maths Melnikov discrete optimization CALL CLOSED


Gubarev Plasma Theory CALL CLOSED
Maltsev blood platelet activation CALL CLOSED
Maltsev Characterization of red blood cells from light scattering CALL CLOSED
Satonkina highly conductive inclusions CALL CLOSED
Satonkina inhomogeneities in condensed high explosives CALL CLOSED
Orlik enhancement of heat transfer CALL CLOSED
Phys_Yudin Pyroelectric energy conversion CALL CLOSED
Phys_Dulin Coherent flow structures in swirling jets and flames CALL CLOSED
Mullyadzhanov_Turbulence CALL CLOSED


Fisman 3-dimensional genome architecture CALL CLOSED
Grigorieva anticancer therapy of glioblastoma CALL CLOSED
Zharkov DNA repair CALL CLOSED


Kosova new nanostructured cathode materials CALL CLOSED


Kochetov Competitive facility location CALL CLOSED
IT Malyshkin parallel computing CALL CLOSED
IT-Ponomaryov Computing explicit concept definitions CALL CLOSED
IT Davydov Competitive facility location CALL CLOSED


internship eco CALL CLOSED
Integration of US good's markets CALL CLOSED
Dynamic of price repartition in space CALL CLOSED
Evaluation of regional differences CALL CLOSED

Testimonials 2016


During this summer I had to do a 3 month internship and I came in Akademgorodok. I chose this destination because I had some few knowledges in Russian and I have always been attracted by Russia and its culture. During this internship, I worked with Mr. Gubarev at the Lavrentiev Institute of Hydrodynamics on stability issues thanks to the Lyapunov direct method. Our main objective was to find a Lyapunov function to prove the stability of high level energy processes. This internship was very interesting not only because it was a fascinating subject but also because I have learnt a lot in maths, physics and Russian too. It allowed me to discover the research world and see a new way of working. More than a great internship, it was a wonderful experience I have lived in Novosibirsk due to the unusual context of the "Silicon Taïga". I had great encounters and saw beautiful places and I truly recommend to everyone who has the opportunity to live this adventure here in Akademgorok.

Alexandre RANNOU, 22, Polytech Paris-Sud

Internship at Cytometry and Biokinetics Laboratory
Currently in a school of engineering, I have chosen NGU because of an intervention in my school where I heard about. I’ve been in the Cytometry and Biokinetics Laboratory, under the direction of Valeri P. Maltsev, who was always great with me, like all his team (as a professional and a personal point of view) My internship was to characterize blood microparticles by flow cytometry and LabVIEW data treatment. As hobbies, I was at a museum, at the opera, at the circus and even in a rollercoaster; and my colleagues brought me to a picnic near the Ob, at a barbecue and bania day, at the TekhnoPark and at a museum. During my three months in Russia, I’ve met great people, I’ve discover a whole new culture, and my work was really interesting. I would clearly like to come back in Russia, because there is a lot of things that I wanted to do that I couldn’t.

Adèle Mortier, 21, Télécom ParisTech

Last year (summer 2015), I had to do a mandatory internship during holidays, and I chose to go to Akademgorodok because I was learning Russian in my French University. I really enjoyed this internship (in the department of mathematics and geophysics), and I liked it so much that I came back this year (2016)! I was in the department of bioinformatics, doing some DNA analysis for people who were namely hit by Parkinson’s disease. Like last year, it was really interesting, and a brand new field of study for me (in France, I am specialized in computer science, but not biology...). Furthermore, my team was really kind with me, and made me discover some unexpected aspects of Russian life. We went on camping together, and I experienced Russian “bania”. It was really “cool”, if I may say so!

Paul El Forzli

This Russian journey was for me an extraordinary experience ! Of course I have improved some computing skills as my internship concerned researches about tsunamis. But the more important for me are the things I have seen and the people I have met. Besides Novosibirsk, I had the luck to visit Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Tomsk, thanks to the understanding professor. I will never forget those wonderful cities so far from my France ! I have also met many nice persons, French, Russians and others. I made new friends and this summer will stay in my memory forever. I thank Russia and the NSU for this adventure. elforzlipa@eisti.eu

Guillaume BEAUFORT, 21

Ecole Internationale des Sciences du Traitement de l’Information
My studies requires a mandatory internship for 3 months at the very end of academic year. I chose to go to Akademgorodok since it was an opportunity to come across Siberia for the first time of my life. I have been under Dr. Romanenko’s laboratory as an IT student, analyzing different algorithms which figure out tsunami waves out of regular waves, dealing with a serious speed optimization issue. It is very interesting to study another field of study while using my own tools that I have been taught at school. The whole NSU people were very kind to us and were always available to pick us up to have a walk and get to know better the location. I would sum this up by acknowledging that NSU is a wonderful place to study and work, not to mention the beautiful area of Akademgorodok.

Nadia BOUVART (23)

from ESCOM, a french institution of higher education specialising in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Travel to the other side of the world without speaking the language of the country was a real challenge, that I enjoyed to face! My chemist placement of 14 weeks between Novosibirsk State University and the Insititute of solid state chemistry and mechanochemistry allowed me to discover new working techniques and to enrich my personal knowledges. Indeed, I discovered through this internship the world of polymorphs - subject which had been studied only briefly during my courses in France.
After these three last month in Siberia, I was able to discover this magnificent region by visiting cities such as Tomsk and Chemal, but also by having spending a weekend by the Teleckoe lake. I like this place so much, that I am sure to return as soon as possible even if I only know how to say: “Извините. Я француз, и я не говорить по-русски.”!


from ESCOM, a french institution of higher education specialising in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
As being an intern at the Novosibirsk State University within the Insititute of solid state chemistry and mechanochemistry has been the best opportunity that I could have ever dreamt. Indeed, every day in Novosibirsk was a chance to learn more about chemistry and russian culture.
Of course it’s clearly not the easiest way to go so far away when we only have the basic vocabulary. However during these 14 weeks I’ve got the occasion to meet people, colleagues and friends who have been able to help me face to a such brutal expatriation. Thanks to this, I have been able to discover the wonderful region of Siberia by visiting cities such as Tomsk Chemal, spending some time at the famous and heavenly Teleckoe lake but also all treasures that contains the russian culture. By this way, I will suggest to tempt this experience without hesitation to anybody.



Wireless sensor networks optimisation CALL CLOSED
Caley graph theory CALL CLOSED
Ensemble clustering and segmentation of multispectral image CALL CLOSED


Development of tools and methods for Next Generation Sequencing data processing
Development of DNA fragments alignment pipeline based on GPUBlast
Development of the software for genome intervals correlation analysis (“Genome Interval Studio”)
Development of software package for complex RNA-protein motifs search based on Graphical Processor Units (GPU)


Générateur thermoélectrique à base de ferroélectrique stage possible en français CALL CLOSED
Ultracold Rydberg atoms
High energy physics, e+e-collider
Apoptopic volume decrease of lymphocites
Characterisation of blood microparticles from light cattering CALL CLOSED
Heat transfer and phase change phenomena in microsystems: sessile droplets and liquid layers CALL CLOSED
Stability of collapse of shells CALL CLOSED

Life Sciences (Biology and Chemistry)

Solid state chemistry
Tritophan hydorxylase distribution
Coordination chemistry
Heterogeneous catalysis for sustainable development
Biochemistry, molecular biology CALL CLOSED
Biotechnology, DNA repair
Catalysis, NMR
Inorganic synthesis CALL CLOSED
Cancer biology, glycobiology CALL CLOSED


Perfect steganophic systems CALL CLOSED
Competitive facility location CALL CLOSED
Real time tsunami risk mitigation CALL CLOSED
Information-theroretic estimation of computer capacity CALL CLOSED
Cryptoprimitives for nonstandard applications CALL CLOSED

Earth Sciences

3D subsurface imaging beneath active volcanoes Ce stage peut se faire en français CALL CLOSED
Sorption induced deformation and degassing of anisotropic coal bed



Cayley graph theory internship maths 1
Algorithms of ensemble clustering internship maths 2
Universal Algebra internship maths 3
combinatorial optimization and computational geometry internship maths 4
Metric theory of polyhedra internship_maths 5
Operations Research internship_maths 6
Inverse Tsunami Problem internship_maths 7
Inverse Problems of Immunology internship_maths 8
Bioinformatics (4 propositions) Bioinformatics_tasks_IIS_NSU


Atomic spectroscopy and Quantum information internship Beterov
Thin films and Nanotechnology internship Phys 1 ; internship Phys 4
Fluid mechanics/Combustion internship Phys 2
Advanced acceleration techniques internship Phys 3
Biophysics, Biomedicine internship PhysMaltsev01 ; internship PhysMaltsev02
fiber optics INTERNSHIP Phys 5 ; INTERNSHIP Phys 6

Life Sciences

Organic electrochemistry internship FEN 1
Heterogeneous catalysis internship FEN 2
Materials science internship FEN 3


testing software implementation internship IT 1
Software implementation of filering tidal waves module internship IT 2

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